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Stjärtställ Luft Infällbart Upp till 18Kg

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Robart Fork Pneumatic Retract Tail Wheel

This is a large scale retractable tailwheel with forked axle for the tailwheel and air cylinder. For use with planes upto 40 lbs.

  • This Unit Comes Pre-Assembled with an Air Cylinder and Tailwheel Axle Attached
  • Steerable with a Pull-Pull System Attached to the Rudder Servo

  • One Retractable Tailwheel w/Air Cylinder and Tailwheel Fork Axle
  • One Instruction/Parts List Sheet

  • Pressure Tubing to Reach from the Main Control Unit to the Air Ram
  • One 2" Tailwheel
  • Plastic Sleeved Pull-Pull Steel Steering Cables(Goes to Rudder Servo)
  • Four #6-32 Mounting Screws
  • Four #6-32 Blind Nuts
  • Four 3/8" x 1/2" Maple Mounting Blocks
  • Four Dowel Pins (Used to Mount Maple Mounting Blocks to Bulkhead)
  • Epoxy

  • Retract Mounting Brace Height: 2-11/16" (68.5mm)
  • Retract Mounting Brace Width: 2"
  • Height from Axle Center to Bottom Retract Brace: 2-1/8" approx.
  • Extended Length from Axle Center to Retract Brace Mount: 3-11/16"
  • Retracted Length from Axle Center to Retract Brace Mount: 4-1/8"

  • On the Air Cylinder: Extend Fitting is Located Forward and the
  • Retract Fitting is Located Aft.
  • For the Offset Axle Version, use Robart 160LWC
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