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Snabbkoppling Luftslang 2 par

162,50 kr (inkl. moms) 130,00 kr (exkl. moms)
Inkl. moms
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Levereras från externt lager i Sverige! Leveransen fördröjs med ca 1-2 dagar.

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Robart Air Line Quick Disconnects

This is a Fitting that Installs Into a 1/16" Air Line so it can be Connected and Disconnected Easily and Quickly with Just a Twist of 90 Degrees.

  • Made of Lightweight Thermoplastic
  • Rated at Over 100 psi
  • For Installing in a Wing so that the Air Lines Going to the Retracts can be Quickly Removed

  • Two Complete Air Connectors (each having two parts)
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