TRAXXAS - Servo High-Torque 400 29kg Metalldrev, Vattenskyddat - TRAXXAS
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Servo High-Torque 400 29kg Metalldrev Vattenskyddat

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High-Torque Red 400 Waterproof Metal-Gear Coreless Digital Servo

For the ultimate experience in precision steering authority, two new high-torque metal gear waterproof servos are available from Traxxas. Traxxas high-torque servos are designed for a factory fit in 1/10 Traxxas vehicles and both servos feature full metal gears, dual ball bearings, and waterproof cases with aluminum center sections for added heat dissipation. Both servos are designed to work flawlessly with Traxxas Stability Management for laying down maximum power on any surface. The High-Torque Blue 330 is powered by a coreless motor for 24 kg/cm of torque and 0.19 transit time. For optimum control and responsiveness, the High-Torque Red 400 uses brushless motor technology for a massive 29 kg/cm of torque and 0.15 transit time.

  • Factory fit for drop-in installation into Traxxas models
  • Waterproof 29 kg/cm of torque and 0.15 transit time
  • Metal gears
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Coreless motor technology
  • Aluminum center case

  • Motor Type: Coreless
  • Operating Voltage: 6.0-7.4V
  • Torque: 29 kg/cm @ 6.0V
  • Speed: 0.15 sec/60° @ 6.0V
  • Weight: 64g
  • Gears: Metal
  • Output Spline: 25T
  • Case: Plastic top/bottom, anodized aluminum center
  • Controller: Digital
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