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Radio set ATTACK 4-kanals bilmix/R214GFE

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Radio set ATTACK 4-kanals bilmix/R214GFE

Radio set ATTACK 4-kanals bilmix/R214GFE

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The 4YWD is a 2.4GHz version of Futaba 4VWD for tractor truck and/or tank. The favorable functions are remained the same, but it has Futaba 2.4GHz FHSS system. Receiver R214GFE that is best much for 4YWD has a built-in antenna. It relieves you a troublesome handling of antenna.

Even among surface models, there are models that require gearbox control and additional control functions depending on the type of model. The 4YWD, which has undergone a full model change, is 2.4GHz specification, relieving you of the burden of managing receivers and the transmitter antenna, and is the most basic 4-channel model.
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