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ProFlex bränsleslang 2.3mm 60cm Ø

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S211 - ProFlex 3/32" ID (2.4 mm) Universal Tubing 60 cm

Standard Size Tubing has a 3/32" ID (2.4 mm) which is exactly the same ID as the silicone fuel line that comes with every Sullivan tank. It is designed to fit 1/8" (3.2 mm) brass tubing as well as standard size fuel fittings.

We designed our new ProFlex fuel line with a US chemist and rubber compounder to develop a proprietary formula of FKM (Fluoroelastomer) that is chemically resistant to gasoline and ethanol which is what causes Tygon tubing to harden and deteriorate. With the help of an experienced US extruder, ProFlex has a thinner wall than commonly found on the Tygon that is used today. The thinner wall allows for more flexibility, lighter weight and easier attachment to tubing and fittings used in the RC industry.
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