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Landställ Luft Infällbara TF Giant Zero

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Robart Top Flite Giant Zero Pneumatic Main Retracts
This is a pair of Robart Pneumatic Retracts for the Giant Scale Gold Edition Zero A6M from Top Flite, TOPA0712.

  • 157VR Large Air Control Kit
  • 169 Pressure Tubing 10'
  • 160WC Fork Pneumatic Tail Wheel

  • Mounting Hole Centers (Lengthwise): 4" (102mm)
  • Mounting Hole Centers (Widthwise): 1-13/16" (46mm)
  • Strut Length/Top to Axle Hole Center: 10-1/8" (257mm)
  • Strut Deployment Angle: 85°
  • Axle Hole Diameter: 1/8"
  • Length/Mounting Bracket to Cylinder Assembly: 6-1/4" (158mm)
  • Length/Mounting Bracket to Bottom of Strut: 9-1/16" (230mm)
  • Strut Center to Center of Mounting Bracket Hole: 2" (51mm)
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