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Landställ El Infällbara TF Giant Zero

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Robart Top Flite Giant Zero Electric Main Retracts
These are the Robart Electric Powered Retracts for the Top Flite Giant Scale Zero A6M Warbird, TOPA0712.

  • Aircraft steel and aluminum construction
  • Functional chrome moly steel oleo struts and 1/4" axles
  • Status lights added to indicate system condition
  • Jumpers replaced by DIP switches for easier setting changes
  • Proprietary plug design eliminates improper connections
  • 2-wire design to easily change retract direction
  • Amp-Out circuitry senses travel limits or obstructions and shuts off the motor to prevent draining battery

  • Fully assembled Left and Right Main Retract
  • Two Steel Axles and Set Screws
  • Electric Controller
  • Two Controller Cables with Connectors
  • Instruction Manual and Parts List

  • 4.8-9V power source for control unit (if not using receiver battery) any battery type is compatible, 6V and above highly recommended

  • Total Strut Length in Lowered Position: 10-1/8" (257mm)
  • Side Plate Length: 4-3/8" (111mm)
  • Side Plate Width: 2-5/16" (58mm)
  • Arc from Raised to Lowered Position: 9.3" (236mm)
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