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Kwik-Fill Tankventil för Metanolbränsle

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The clean, safe way to fill your tank without disconnecting your fuel line from the carburetor. Perfect for models with enclosed engines. Easy to install. Comes complete with fueling probe. (Silver model is for GLO FUEL ONLY. Red Anodized Model is for GASOLINE ONLY). 1/pkg.  

Just in case you misplace yours, we offer a replacement fueling probe (13339). This probe is specifically for Du-Bro Kwik Fill Fueling Valve #334 & #335. 1/pkg.

Recommended fuel tubing size is DU-BRO Medium (3/32" ID) Silicone (Glo) or Tygon (Gasoline).

One-Piece Valve Assembly installed into Airplane with Convenient Fueling Probe for Refueling.

  • One Pre-Assembled Fueling Valve (Glow Fuel)
  • One Fueling Probe (13339)
  • One Knurled Nut w/Serrated Washer

  • Overall length (front to back): 20 mm
  • Mounting nut diameter (what is seen on outside of cowl): 6.35 mm
  • Hole size (drilled through cowl): 9.5 mm
  • Length inside cowling: 12.5 mm

  • Will require drilling 9.5 mm hole for acceptance of valve assembly
  • NOTE: This will ONLY work with Glow Fuel
  • For GAS Fueler, use 13335
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