Kaross Dekaler

Dekalset MT4
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Dekalark från Team Traxxas Official Racing
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The official Team Traxxas Racing Decal sheet has been revised and now includes EZ-Start® Stinger Motors ProGraphix TRX® Engines and www.Traxxas.com logos. Perfect for adding that “final touch” to your Traxxas ProGraphix® painted body or your own personal painting schemes.

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Dekalark med Sponsorer
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Dress up your vehicle’s body with the Traxxas Racing Sponsor Decal Sheet. The decal sheet includes over 25 different full-scale sponsors including NOS KandN Mechanix Wear Holley and Hooker headers. The decal sheet also includes various Traxxas logos including the popular TRAXXAS.COM decals. All the logotypes are faithfully produced and are fully licensed. 9" x 4 1-2"
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