Hjul skala 10ekrar 6" st brake ready

Hjul skala 10ekrar 6" st brake ready

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10 Spoke Aluminum Wheel, Brake Ready Hub with 6" Tire (each).

Robart Tire has a tough outer skin, softer inner core and a low bounce design.

Available in sizes from 4" to 6" and are available with a machined aluminum hub with No Spoke, 8 Spoke, 10 Spoke, Scale P-51 10 Spoke, 3, 4 & 5 Spoke Spitfire Hubs and P-38 6 Spoke Nose Hubs and all aluminum hubs have a replaceable bronze bearings for 1/4" Axles.

Width: 1 13/16"
Weight: 10.3 oz.
3 st
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