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Bränsletank 24oz - 710cc

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Du-Bro Fuel Tanks are designed to be tough! Our fuel tanks will not split or crack from vibration or pressure. In fact, our fuel tanks can be used with pressurized fuel systems! Comes complete with all hardware, including our one piece clunk with fuel barbs built right on the clunk stem. Your fuel tubing will not slide off! Du-Bro Fuel Tanks can be used with either glo-fuel or gasoline if you purchase our #400 Gasoline Conversion Stopper (sold separately).

Note: #690-692 come with both tubing and fuel stopper for gas and glo fuel. # 795-797 are set up for gas only. Made in USA

  • Volume: 710ml (24 oz)
  • Length: 190.5mm
  • Width: 77.8mm
  • Height: 63.5mm
  • Weight: 100gr

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