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BEC Heavy-Duty 2260 Set för TRX-4 mfl

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Traxxas 2262 (2260) - Heavy Duty BEC Set with Receiver Box

  • When used with Traxxas 2250 servo the maximum voltage is 2S LiPo (dont use 3S LiPo!)
  • When used with Traxxas 2255 servo the maximum voltage is 3S LiPo

Traxxas new High-Torque servos represent a huge power upgrade for the TRX-4. When installing either servo, it is required that you use the High-Voltage BEC kit (#2262) and a steel servo horn (#8247X) is recommended. Installing the BEC is easy with plug and play simplicity. The kit includes a larger receiver box cover to maintain total waterproof integrity and a Y harness for vehicles with LED light kits.
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